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Genomics is increasingly relevant to assuring the public's health. Developments in biomedical science and technology are shedding new light on how the "conditions" or environments in which people live, work, and play — be they physical, chemical, ancestral, psychological, or social -- affect our genomes, the expression of genes, and ultimately our health individually and collectively.

The Genomics Forum will engage the public health community to promote workforce competency in genomics, including an improved understanding of the relevance and impact of genomics on public health. We will engage public health and health care communities and others in projects and activities that increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills of genetic services as these services relate to: 

  1. The ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding genetics/ genomics/ epigenetics; 

  2. The relationships and relevance of genomics to public health, health care, and health disparities; 

  3. Professional and public education; and 

  4. Other areas as generated by Forum members

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